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My name is Vicky Mongrain-Perron, I am an NLP Master Practitioner, Spiritual & Emotional Guide, and a Bohemian Soul. I profoundly consider myself as a Creator of, as I call them, Sacred Spaces for Transformational Experiences.

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Holding Space for any individuals to Discover your Authentic Self in order to identify which beliefs block you from Elevating your vibration & experience your Spiritual Self in alignment with your Human’s Desires.

Digital Nomad traveler, my thirst for vitality, love & evolution propels me to explore the different facets of my own self. What I love the most, Being me, mystical experiences, & my abundant connection with the Universe.

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Life’s challenged me regarding all kind of relation I could experience, with myself, sexuality, loving partner, money, family, etc..

During my adolescence, I suffered frequent and non-consensual sexual touching which caused several emotional blockages regarding Masculine gender.

In my early twenties, I became an orphan. In the space of less than 5 years, I lost my 4 fundamental pillars, my two parents and my grandparents.

Subsequently, the magnificent house we inherited (precious gift from my mother) was flooded and I lost ALL my belongings, my childhood memories and the few objects that reminded me of my loved ones.

But the most difficult thing I have lost in my life was my own faith, my dreams and my Self love.


The reality was I was going to accomplish 10 years in a career that was no longer matched my new Identity, I was thousands of dollars in debt and felt completely powerless.

My primary daily emotions have been Grief, Anger, Sadness, emptiness, sense of being lost for years.

Trying to escape a reality I couldn’t accept.

I was unconsciously self sabotaging my entire being through many destructive addictions such as compulsive shopping, drugs, sex and alcohol, thinking that was the way to make me feel alive.

Magical path despite all…

Cause those experiences  lead me to my spiritual awakening, I remember the moment when I finally realized that I was not the victim of my life but the master of my destiny !

I realised I was more than my past experiences, traumas, emotions or my wounds, more then my programming or my thoughts.

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“I am a Divine being like anyone else, and I can be the Women I have always dream of.”

Open to a new universe, I started to look for healers, coaches, light worker & it’s through those industry that I blossomed.

Following that path of transformation, I immerged myself into trainings, workshops, retreats around the world, related to developing a deeper connection with my body, soul & spirit.

I’ve learnt revealing lessons regarding the expansion of my heart & my own Divine Universal connection.

My Story: About Me

Now open to receive more from the universe, I started to blossom through the Coaching Industry.

Following that path of transformation, I immerged myself into new certification,trainings, workshops & retreats around the world, related to developing a deeper connection with my Body, Soul & Spirit.

I’ve learnt revealing lessons while expanding my heart to my Divine Universal connection.

Embodying my True essence a little bit more everyday,

 I begin to be vulnerable, share my truth in an authentic way, build a lifestyle & business that respects my needs of Nomadism.

My Story: About Me


Connecting with my Inner power allow me to…

Find my Purpose

Speak my Truth Authentically

Travel around the world

Invest in my Dreams & Desires

Reconciliate with my past

Love myself

Connect with my Sacred Masculine  & Feminine Energy

Know my Worth, Build Confidence

Create a business that represents me

Manifest more Magic from the Universe

I now know we are all Creator of our own Destiny, with a guide to support us through our own healing we can, together, make a life of abundance.

Are you ready to transform your life?

If so, don't hesitate longer, Start to work with me by a simple click, it's here ↓▼

I can't wait to hold space for you ♥

My Story: About Me


Vicky Mongrain-Perron uses her expertise as an NLP master practitioner to hold space for the expression of repressed emotions, the reprogramming of beliefs about the self and others, and the creation of a new, empowering reality that is more aligned with the divine consciousness of the universe.

In addition to being formally trained in creating a safe space for trauma awareness, spiritual coaching, and other alternative healing modalities, she has personally been healing herself through the path of reconciliation with the masculine and feminine genders in order to better align her soul with its human mental programming/conditioning.

My Story: About


She has immersed herself in training and workshops around the world related to developing a deeper connection with her body, expanding her spiritual self, and sharing her love for the world through a universal consciousness.

Vicky is committed to a lifetime of learning, embracing numerous practices that support her in fully embodying her passion for growth, such as:

  • Deepening her relationship with and understanding of her body via sacred sexuality, yoni egg practices, breast massages, ecstatic dances, and more

  • Expanding her spiritual self by releasing emotional and mental blockages via inner child work, shadow work, rebirthing, breathwork, shibari, and more

  • Connecting to a universal consciousness via tantra practices, plant medicine, meditation, kirtan, and more

Vicky is devoted to sharing a heart-based and holistic approach to each individual. She believes that our thoughts and emotions are the root cause of the discomfort we experience. By exploring and uncovering the hidden part of ourselves, we can truly heal, transform our reality, and connect with others in a more compassionate and authentic way.

My Story: About Me
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